Emotional cheating won’t lead to bounce-back – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: Six months ago, my fiancée and I split up after 13 years together because of my emotional cheating.

I know what I did was wrong, and I’ve taken full responsibility for my actions.

For obvious reasons, she has lost all trust in me, which I completely understand. I love her, we have two children together, and I wish for nothing more than to work things out and move forward with our life together.

This is the second time we’ve split up.

I’ve noticed that I throw chaos into our relationship. I tend to drift away from the relationship when things get tough.

I admit that when I violated her trust, I was in a dark place emotionally.

I was depressed and unhappy. I didn’t like the route our relationship was taking. We lacked communication (on both our parts) — but more from me.

It wasn’t easy for me to admit what I was feeling.

We barely made any time to spend together, and when we did it would be either with the kids or a group of friends.

We almost never made time for us.

What can I do? Can we bounce back from this?


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