Emma Hunton weight loss – How did she lose so much weight?


Emma Hunton is an American actress and model who’s famous for her works in cinemas and television series. She is the daughter of Erica Hunton (a very famous American actress) and is famous for her work as an actress in Sonny with a Chance, Happy Endings, Good trouble and Angel. 

Emma Leigh Hunton’s fans love her works and she has gained immense popularity, especially after her performance in Good Trouble. But very few know about her weight loss journey. 

Emma concentrated on her diet to achieve weight loss. She changed her diet to a vegetarian diet to lose almost 12kgs within a few months. It took her almost 3 years to reduce her weight from 127 kgs to 68kgs.

Her weight loss journey is really inspirational and we will see how she managed to lose so much weight in this article. Let’s begin. 

Why did Emma Hunton lose weight?

Emma Hunton was never obsessed with losing weight. Rather she wished for a healthy lifestyle. Fans claim that her weight loss was due to her character’s new narrative in Good Trouble, Season 4. But she completely denied this fact and told that it was related to her personal life.

She had to face immense body shaming. In 2017, she married Ryan Duval, a chef but later on went to get divorced. The actual reason is not yet particularly known. But sources claim that this weight loss journey was inspired by the various events of body shaming she had to face.

Some of her roommates also claim that she has been losing weight due to an eating disorder. But she further went on to shut these rumors, by saying that she is entirely into a plant-based diet now and focusing more on diet and high-intensity workouts. 

Emma Hunton on her weight loss

Emma Hunton weight loss – The transformation

Emma Hunton from fat to fit

Emma Hunton surprised her fans with her amazing transformation. The fat girl from Good Trouble has now become a fit girl from good trouble. On her Instagram, she is now seen flaunting her thinner physique and her figure seems fascinating. Moreover, her cheekbones seem perfect now. Emma was always against this body-shaming thing and when this issue started haunting her, she took up the challenge to show the world that anything is possible if tried hard. 

In fact on April 28, 2022, she tweeted, “Hey fam, how are we feeling about last night’s episode? Are we ready to stop judging people’s bodies now?” This shows how depressed she was about this fact and wished to make a change. Emma Hunton’s weight loss is now an inspiration for all. 

Emma Hunton tweets about weight loss

How did Emma Hunton lose weight? – Diet plan and workout regime

Emma Hunton weight transformation

Emma Hunton worked very hard to shed off so much fat. Her never give up attitude to change people’s mindsets, her strict diet plan and regular high-intensity workouts helped her to reach her goal. Her haters now praise her weight loss journey and many of her fans got inspired by this transformation. Shedding off half of the weight she had within such a short time is not a matter of joke and takes immense hard work to achieve this.

Emma Hunton diet plan

Emma Hunton mentioned following a proper diet plan which helped her immensely during her weight loss journey. First and foremost, she turned herself into a complete vegetarian and her meal included plant-based food items. Next, she checked her BMI and the results show that she had a chance of developing obesity. She cut down all junk foods and followed a systematic plant-based diet chart provided to her by her dietician. Her diet chart included a combination of the following

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with berries 
  • Lunch – Wheat vegetable wrap with olives and grilled leafy vegetables
  • Snacks – Almonds, apple and sometimes a bowl of yogurt
  • Dinner – Quinoa with green leafy vegetables, Bowl of green salad (sometimes whole grain bread)

This was probably the diet chart that Emma Hunton used to follow to achieve her weight loss goals. It is never possible to consume the same foods on a regular basis so moderations were made on this like including whole grain bread instead of Quinoa in dinner and so on. She was never into tea or coffee. So that further helped her. She also mentioned that she used to drink a lot of water to keep herself hydrated and boost her metabolism at the same time. 

Emma Hunton workout regime

Sources claim that Emma Hunton was not into workouts in the beginning and concentrated more on the type of food she was consuming. But later when she started taking things seriously, she hired a trainer who would guide her and provide her with a proper workout regime. She walks for at least 30 minutes regularly to burn excess calories. Later, she started going to gyms and focused on high-intensity workouts. Her high-intensity workouts included the following

  • Burpees
  • Lunge jumps
  • Push-Ups
  • Jumping jacks
  • Weight training

Along with this she also used to run on a treadmill for at least 20 minutes a day. The amount of calories she lost was double the amount of calories she consumed from food. This was the secret mantra behind Emma Hunton’s weight loss. 


According to Emma Hunton, Davia (the role played by her in Good Trouble), was a turning point in her life. She started getting criticism for being unfit and fat at the same time. This helped her to get motivation and fight back with a tremendous weight loss journey.

Emma Hunton went from being fat to fit is now what her haters say about her. Besides being a popular actor she is now an inspiration for all who want to lose weight. She never used to support body shaming but had to face it. So in order, to show everyone she made it her goal to lose weight. And she finally achieved it within a very short period.

Just like her, many others like Kelly Doty, Doja Cat, and Aashika Bhatia also have their own weight loss journeys and are a source of inspiration for all of us. Emma Hunton is now extremely happy with the results she got and will continue being an inspiration for all of us. 


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