EK Bedsheet review – Is it the best one in the market?


One-third of the day is spent on the bedsheet. The presence of this lovely bedsheet on the house’s bed transforms the entire atmosphere. Laying attractive bedsheets in the children’s or seniors’ rooms helps the room blossom. The sight of brilliant and lively colored bedsheets makes the mind joyful. 

Moreover, a good bedsheet is necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Various studies prove that a bad bedsheet can actually make you feel disturbed and won’t allow you to sleep at night. Generally, during the night our body tends to release heat and one actually needs to choose a bedding that does not allow trapping of this heat. 

As a result, good bedsheets are actually important when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. Today in this article, we will be reviewing bedsheets manufactured by the new brand “EK”, which are currently new but raised popularity in the market because of the quality of their home decor products. 

What is EK brand?

Ek by Ektaa R Kapoor is an endeavor to bring the best of India to our homes. The products are designed thoughtfully keeping in mind the impact they have on one’s well-being- the material, designs/patterns used in the products have a deep-rooted significance in Indian culture. Most of the products are handcrafted by artisans to promote Indian craftmanship. Keeping Indian culture in mind, the products of EK were designed and manufactured to bring positivity to your life. 

EK Bedsheet review – How does it stand out among other brands?

We bought the Rust Bagh Journal King Size Bedsheet Set from EK’s official and after using it for a month, we reached this review. 

Authentic and handcrafted by top artisans

The Bagh design of the bedsheet makes you feel the true essence of Indian culture. The crisp feel is something that’s out of the box. Along with this, the minute designs and floral patterns prove how skillfully the bedsheet has been made by Indian artists. 

Correct color combinations

Not only the Rust Bagh Journal King Size Bedsheet Set, but others such as the Off White Mandala King Size Bedsheet Set, Mughal Jaal Beige Printed 100% Cotton Bedsheet and Off White Jharokha Double Bedsheet Set have great color combinations and prints. The Bagh bedsheet has a brown rusty handprinted woodblock design that gives you the vintage feeling. The Off White Mandala King Size Bedsheet Set provides you with positivity and pure feeling. The Mughal Jaal Beige Printed one provides you with a retro historical feeling. The perfect color combinations along with the hard work behind it make your bed stand out. 

The concept of the Mandala 

Every bedsheet made by EK has a story to tell. But overall they believe in the concept of the Mandala. Historically, Mandala was a symbolic design that was used as a tool for performing sacred rites and meditation. Mandala generally denotes peace and positivity. With this concept in mind, their products were created. All of their home decor items are crafted using this formula with the motto being “Bring positivity to your home”

100% cotton and natural 

Their luxurious bedsheets are actually 100% cotton and natural. With a 180 thread count, the bedsheet feels naturally lightweight. Moreover being 100% made up of cotton, our tester found it very soft. The Indian texture and breathable fabric quality also add up to it. 


Compared to the quality they are offering and the history associated with it, the pricing seems to be perfect. Their bedsheet set price ranges from Rs 1499 to Rs 2999 (as of 2022). The choice is limited as they are comparatively new and all of their products are handcrafted but you will definitely love all the designs. Their bedsheet set comes with a king-size bedsheet and 2 pillow covers. Whether you want it for your home or want to gift this one to someone special, this bedsheet serves all your purposes. 

You can buy any of their bedsheets from their official store worldofek.com

Pros and Cons


  • Made up of 100% cotton and their breathable fabric offers you a good night’s sleep
  • Handcrafted by Indian artisans and reminds you of our authentic Indian culture and history
  • A concept of purity, balance and positivity lies in all of their products
  • Amazing color combinations and patterns Affordable pricing compared to other brands


  • The number of products present on their website is quite low and mostly goes out of stock because of their high demand 
  • Considerably new in the market


So overall, EK Bedsheets are actually worth the try. Each of their bedsheets has a story to tell and has been crafted by artisans who follow the age-old Indian traditions in making these bedsheets. The quality, texture, fabric and authenticity of the bedsheets are right up to the mark according to their pricing. You should definitely try these bedsheets for once and we are sure that you won’t regret it.