Don’t tell me Sean Payton isn’t good enough to coach Denver Broncos


Hey, Kiz. Please stop promoting Sean Payton as the next head coach of the Broncos. He won just one Super Bowl with a Hall of Fame quarterback over the course of 15 years in New Orleans. He’s as much a retread as Dan Quinn. I know no one thinks we should take a chance on a young, up-and-coming coordinator, but there’s a reason these old, white guys aren’t head coaches anymore.

Ron, Denver

Kiz: When scribbling names on a cocktail napkin, I came up with Payton, Southern Cal coach Lincoln Riley and Denver defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero as my early suggestions as candidates. Payton isn’t good enough for you? Since 2016, he has won 65 NFL games, despite sitting out this season. During the same time frame, the Broncos have won 42 times. Jim Harbaugh? Sorry, the dude is too high maintenance for my taste. But I will wait to see how the list of finalists shakes out before making my final recommendation. It would behoove franchise CEO Greg Penner, Condoleezza Rice and members of the search committee not limit their search to former NFL head coaches merely because George Paton made the mistake of giving the job to Nathaniel Hackett rather than Kevin O’Connell (as I suggested).

Trading Michael Porter Jr. and Bones Hyland to Toronto for O.G. Anunoby and Gary Trent Jr. would be worse than the Russell Wilson trade.

S.N., Denver

Kiz: Anunoby is the most versatile shutdown defender in the league. He should’ve been playing in this dusty old cowtown from Day One in the NBA. Former Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly traded back 11 spots from No. 13 in the 2017 draft, believing he could get Anunoby late in the first round. Who was the No. 13 selection? Some guy named Donovan Mitchell, who recently scored 71 points in a game. Toronto grabbed Anunoby one pick before Connelly was stuck taking Tyler Lydon, who scored 23 points in his short-lived NBA career. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure if the Nuggets have ever had a worse draft night in franchise history.

Kiz, you are an idiot if you think Denver would accept this Anunoby deal.

B.P., Denver

Kiz: You know what’s funny? When I plugged this deal into ESPN’s handy dandy trade machine, the analytics declared it would add seven victories to the Nuggets and take six away from Toronto. So the lone reason I was hesitant about proposing the trade was fear Raptors executive Masai Uriji would laugh at any idiot trying to rip him off so badly.

Bones has Ja Morant-like potential.

M.G., Lewisville, Texas

Kiz: C’mon, man. Everybody likes Bones, including me. But Morant has been the rookie of the year and seems destined to earn his second trip to the All-Star Game at age 23. Hyland is only one year younger than Morant and has yet to earn a starting role with the Nuggets.


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