Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa indeed suffered concussion; Teddy Bridgewater to start at New England – The Denver Post


Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa indeed has been diagnosed with a concussion, coach Mike McDaniel said Wednesday.

Miami’s third-year quarterback completed Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers without showing behavior or signs that would cause him to enter the NFL’s concussion protocol, but on Monday, McDaniel noted Tagovailoa entered protocol after exhibiting symptoms at team facilities on Monday.

Up until Wednesday morning, Tagovailoa had not been known to have sustained a concussion but only was said to be examined for one.

It’s at least Tagovailoa’s second concussion this season after missing two game following the Sept. 29 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals when he was hospitalized due to a blow to the head.

McDaniel, while saying Tagovailoa was at the team’s facilities Wednesday and doing better than he was on Tuesday, said the Dolphins are taking the diagnosis extremely seriously and are doing whatever they can to ensure he has a healthy recovery.

“I’ve been advised by medical professionals that it’s critical that Tua worries only about the day that he’s currently in and nothing else,” McDaniel said. “He is in the building, but beyond that, as medical professionals will tell you, any added pressure or anything beyond that day does not behoove the process at all. So, I’ll take that very serious and worry about his health first and foremost and take the advice of medical professionals.”

Miami is preparing to start backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in Sunday’s road game against the New England Patriots. Both teams are fighting for the playoffs.

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