Does Omer Yurtseven deserve the Heat eyeball test? – The Denver Post


Q: Ira, I’m watching the preseason for one reason: Big Yurt. We know what Bam Adebayo can do. Dewayne Dedmon has been in the league a decade. So let’s see toe-to-toe this week with Rudy Gobert (or Karl-Anthony Towns), Nic Claxton, Steven Adams. – Frankie.

A: But the preseason also is about establishing continuity for your primary players, which is why Bam Adebayo will need the work. But I also agree with your premise. The inference with Omer Yurtseven seemingly is what he cannot do, particularly on the defensive end. So let’s see, before the games start to count for real. Tuesday’s exhibition opener could be particularly useful, with the Timberwolves featuring the rare opening combination of dual big men, with Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns. I’m all for more Omer now, so we can get a better read on what should come next.

Q: I’ll be in Memphis on Friday. Will anyone play? – Ed.

A: Even when it’s not a back-to-back set, there are no guarantees when it comes to the preseason. But when it comes to playing in Memphis the night after playing in Brooklyn, I would brace for a lot of Jamaree Bouyea, Jamal Cain, Orlando Robinson and Dru Smith. The highlight might be seeing two-way players Marcus Garrett and Darius Days.

Q: How do I get tickets for Monday’s scrimmage? – Mike.

A: By going here.



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