Does Heat starting lineup have too many alphas? – The Denver Post


Q: The problem with Kyle Lowry his entire time with this team has been he defers too much and lacks assertiveness. He needs to attack instead of sitting back – Paolo.

A: Which becomes all the more challenging when starting alongside Tyler Herro in addition to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Tyler clearly views his ascension into the starting lineup as a means to score earlier in games. Bam Adebayo already is on record about wanting more shots and free throws. And Jimmy Butler goes into attack mode whenever there is a crease to attack in the defense. This hardly is a lineup that plays to Kyle Lowry’s strengths as shooter and scorer. And face it, Kyle is at a price point where there has to be more than passive bystander. Even look at the Celtics. When whole, Boston has Robert Williams and Al Horford who play off the other starters. With the Heat’s new starting lineup, there seemingly are four mouths that need to be fed. That, curiously, keeps Kyle from being fed.

Q: Does Bam Adebayo have some Josh Richardson in him? J-Rich was an excellent complementary player, but struggled as the leading man. – Leonard, Cornelius, N.C.

A: Bam Adebayo is a leading defensive man, and plenty get paid commensurately because of such a skill set. I think attempting to cast him as a scoring leader creates a stress point in the starting lineup that doesn’t need to be there. As mentioned above, there are others in this revised first five more capable of handling a larger scoring load.

Q: We also have a problem that we start a 6-5, barely-200-pound guard to play power forward in the frickin’ NBA. – Ryan.

A: First, appreciate the Dr. Evil “frickin” reference. (Such an underused word.) But I would not overstate Caleb Martin as a problem. The reality is plenty of teams are starting scoring wings at power forward, including the Celtics at the moment with Jayson Tatum, in the injury absence of Robert Williams. And the Raptors, the Heat’s opponent on Saturday and Monday nights, basically do the same, as well.



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