Does Broncos QB Russell Wilson’s shoulder injury explain all of his struggles?


Kiz: DangeRuss has been DisasteRuss. Mr. Unlimited is the quarterback of the 31st-ranked scoring offense in the NFL. The Broncos didn’t mortgage the future with a blockbuster trade, then sign Russell Wilson to a $245 million contract extension for their new franchise quarterback to play like Davis Mills. So what’s the dang deal? Tell me why Wilson has been so bad. And, more important, how do the Broncos fix him?

Gabriel: Wilson followed his best game of the season to date — 237 passing yards and three total touchdowns against the Raiders in Las Vegas — with his worst Thursday night against the Colts. He threw two fourth-quarter interceptions with his team leading 9-6 and then missed a fourth-and-the-ballgame opportunity for a touchdown. Saturday, we learned he got a PRP injection in his injured right shoulder in Los Angeles on Friday. It’s plausible that’s impacting his play, though he looked good for most of the game against the Raiders after suffering the injury early in the game.

Kiz: I’m willing to give Wilson credit for playing hurt. But a dinged shoulder shouldn’t adversely affect his vision and cause Wilson to be blind when KJ Hamler busts wide open on the incomplete pass into the end zone to Courland Sutton that ended the DisateRuss overtime loss against Indianapolis. If Wilson’s injury is significantly limiting his effectiveness, it’s also an indictment of coach Nathaniel Hackett’s insistence on putting the ball in his quarterback’s hands with the game on the line.


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