Do the Heat have to decide on their closer? – The Denver Post


Q: Can we please end the debate on who should be taking final shots at the end of quarters and games between Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro. It’s not even close. Jimmy may be our best scorer, but Tyler Herro is by far our best shooter. – Rick.

A: But it still comes down to what you need. In transition, I would take Tyler Herro. For a 3-pointer, Tyler Herro again. But if one or two points would be the difference in a halfcourt set, then Jimmy Butler would remain a preferred option with his ability to get to the foul line, and, frankly, draw more of a veteran whistle. There is nothing wrong with having multiple such options for multiple such situations. And the best part with both Jimmy and Tyler is that each is willing to defer.

Q: If Victor Oladipo is going to continue to get closer to his former prime, the Heat will have a nice second half of the season. Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, Victor is a very solid core four. Of course Butler’s health is important. Can they get any consistency from Kyle Lowry? – Jon.

A: I agree that if Victor Oladipo can be a reliable contributor, it enhances the possibilities of the rotation. But keep in mind that Saturday’s performance came with Jimmy Butler getting the night off, and with Kyle Lowry enduring an off night. The next step for Victor will be to produce as a complementary component, as well. And that is a more difficult challenge, in the games where the ball first is going to Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, and maybe even Kyle. Still, it was heartening to see the offensive guile that Victor offered against the Jazz.

Q: Kyle Lowry reminds me of Gary Payton in his final year. – Martin.

A: The difference is that Gary Payton was playing as a point guard at the time, on a minimum-scale contract, the Heat able to accept whatever he had left to offer. By contrast, the Heat are still counting on Kyle Lowry to play as a starter and be a prime contributor, with one more season still left on his three-year, $85 million deal.



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