DNA testing brings new niece into the family


Dear Amy: I recently did DNA ancestry testing, hoping to locate relatives of my father, who died when I was very young.

To my surprise I found out that I have a niece.

I have one brother, and he is a confirmed bachelor, but apparently, he fathered a child 40 years ago.

When I told him of these DNA results, he seemed surprised. He also indicated that he had no interest in meeting or pursuing a relationship with his new-found daughter.

I asked if he would object if my son and I reached out to her. He requested that we not pursue a relationship.

As the months went by, I felt a longing to meet her. She was already following us on social media, so it seems that she might have already been aware of the relationship before I connected the DNA dots.

I only have one son, and no nieces or nephews.

Against my brother’s wishes, I reached out to her, and my son and I met her for dinner. She seems to be a lovely young woman and we mutually want to pursue a family relationship.

I would love to introduce her to my mom, her grandmother, who is 95 years old. I really think she would love to know that she has a granddaughter.

Needless to say, my brother was disappointed that I did not respect his wishes and specifically requested that I not tell our mother.

I am just brokenhearted. I still plan on seeing my niece, but I just wish my brother would come around.


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