Did Gabby give Logan a rose after he ditched Rachel?


Gabby, Gabby Windey. Our hometown Bachelorette has so far been crushing it on this season of ABC’s reality dating show, despite the contestants’ best ability to try and bring her and co-star Rachel Recchia down. But the move she made Monday night is sure to bring drama and, if we had to guess, heartbreak.

As fans will recall, a couple of weeks ago both Gabby and Rachel decided dating a single group of dudes was too complicated and set out on their own very “separate journeys” (albeit together). That meant if a guy accepted a rose from one woman, he was set on dating that one woman only.

But it was never going to be that simple, of course.

Last night’s episode could easily be described as “The Logan Show.” Logan, a videographer from San Diego and Harland Williams look alike, had been Team Rachel for a couple of weeks, but – you guessed it – he just couldn’t stop thinking about Gabby. Perhaps it’s unsurprising, given this is also the guy who kissed them both on a single date. So yeah, maybe he was keeping his options open a little bit. But alas, he could no longer keep up the charade.

Monday night’s episode started with Logan’s decision to tell Rachel how he felt, which led her to have yet another breakdown and to cancel a group date in Belgium where the whole crew was stationed. That rightfully annoyed the rest of Team Rachel, because who doesn’t want to spend the day eating waffles and drinking beer with the girl of their dreams and her five other boyfriends?!

So then Logan went and told Gabby how he felt, and she was quite receptive to this development. Gabby conferred with Rachel and ultimately decided to invite Logan to the group date after party, where the guys on Team Gabby were shocked at his arrival — and not just because he looked like he walked off the set of “Night at the Roxbury.”

Long story short, Logan and Gabby hit it off despite not really having spoken for two weeks. But whatever conversation and lip-locking they shared was enough to land him a rose and kick two other dudes off Team Gabby. That included Mario, who earned her first impression rose. And for the record, neither Rachel nor Bachelor Nation were super thrilled about it.


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