Did Caleb Martin ejection open Heat eyes to alternate lineup possibility? – The Denver Post


Q: Ira, look how much better the Heat looked with Max Strus starting the second half. – Mel.

A: First, Max Strus did not start the second half Saturday against the Raptors, but rather came in to replace Caleb Martin after Martin was ejected with 7:46 left in the third period. By then, the Heat had their game-high 24-point lead. So, by contrast, you can point out that the Heat were outscored by 21 after Strus came in for Martin. That, of course, should not minimize what Strus accomplished by helping put it away in the fourth quarter. The sense remains that Erik Spoelstra is not locked into any lineup at this stage. But if the concern is the Heat being too small with Caleb starting, then I’m not sure Max in his place does much to remedy that concern.

Q: This team has no one that you’d say, ‘I’m buying a ticket to watch this guy play.’ – Faye, Miami.

A: Tyler Herro offers enough to make him a compelling watch. But, yes, unless you are in to Jimmy Butler free throws, Bam Adebayo midrange jumpers or Kyle Lowry floppery, this is not exactly the most compelling roster. The fun part is when the Heat are draining non-stop 3-pointers. That, however, hasn’t happened yet.

Q: Ira, I know you are not a fan, but I like playing the same team twice in a row. Saturday is going to make Monday fun. – Anthony.

A: Agreed, with Saturday creating some Monday night theater. But this still is somewhat of an exception. Asking fans to watch the same opponent in consecutive games is sort of like having to endure consecutive games of Marlins-Pirates.



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