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Key takeaways:

  • DeFiChain has announced the listing of the DFI token on the Gate.io cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • The ERC-20 version of the DFI token will start trading immediately against USDT.
  • The DFI-BTC trading pair will be supported soon, while the native version of the DFI token will be available on the platform in the second half of October
  • DFI token is already trading on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Huobi, Kucoin, Bittrex, Bitrue, and Hotbit, among others
  • DeFiChain is the first DeFi platform for the Bitcoin network and offers the full benefits of decentralized finance and more on the network to a global audience

DeFiChain, a DeFi platform anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain, has announced the listing of its DFI token on the Gate.io exchange. Starting from 10 a.m. UTC, on September 26, 2022, the DFI token (ER-20 version) will start trading on Gate.io, which is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of global reach and appeal.

Since its inception, DeFiChain has been committed to making decentralized finance available to everyone, especially those who put an emphasis on the Bitcoin network. The DeFiChain team has also been working hard to ensure that the DFI token is available on major exchanges. Already, it can be traded on Huobi, Bybit (in ERC-20 format), Hotbit, KuCoin, Bitrue, and Bittrex, among other cryptocurrency exchanges.

A strategic listing

As hinted already, DeFiChain has been strategic with the listing of its native asset, the DFI token. The ERC-20 version of the token will start trading immediately on the Gate.io platform against USDT. In the near future, Gate.io will also support a DFI-BTC trading pair. It was also announced that the native version of DFI will become available on Gate.io in the second half of October.

Gate.io users who have been waiting to trade or invest in DFI can now enjoy the full range of services confidently. Once they purchase the token, they can easily move it to any compatible wallet of their choice. They will also be granted access to the entire DeFiChain ecosystem where they can enjoy decentralized stock tokens and operate fully in the realm of native decentralized finance.

Speaking about the development, DeFiChain Accelerator’s VP of Marketing Benjamin Rauch said:

We are extremely happy that the DFI token can now be traded on Gate.io and more and more people are able to access the number-1 DeFi blockchain on Bitcoin.

DFI token – taking DeFiChain to everyone, everywhere

With the launch of the DFI token, DeFiChain created an avenue for everyone to enjoy the full services of its ecosystem. As both the utility token of the ecosystem, DFI can be used to reward network participants and also utilized in minting or lending stock tokens and the dUSD stablecoin.

As the governance token, it confers governance/voting rights to holders. The DFI token is also used for providing liquidity and staking, among other activities that secure the network and offer rewards to participants.

The DeFiChain Foundation has been at the root of the successes recorded by the DeFiChain ecosystem and its native token. The foundation is unwaveringly committed to popularizing decentralized finance in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the results have been encouraging so far.

The many benefits of decentralization combined with a flexible trading experience

With the DFI token, the benefits of decentralized finance are manifested fully on the Bitcoin network. The coin serves as a vital currency unit and can be used to cover all forms of transaction fees. It can also be used to settle any fees relating to smart contracts used on the DeFiChain ecosystem. These fees may include DEX fees, token exchanges, DeFi services, decentralized trading, as well as ICX expenses.

Being the first decentralized blockchain on the Bitcoin network, DeFiChain has given Bitcoin users flexibility when it comes to trading and other investment activities within the network. In addition to minting and trading dTokens, Bitcoin users can gain price exposure to equities and ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

Wrapping up

Considering everything it offers, it is not surprising to see that DeFiChain has grown so much since its launch in May 2020. The DeFiChain Community continues to grow as participants eagerly engage in all aspects of the blockchain, ranging from masternodes to projects, tools, governance, code governance, economic plans and more.


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