Designer clothes invite fashionable cold shoulder


Dear Amy: Some time ago I gave my good friend “Cheryl” some very expensive designer clothes I thought she would like, but they were too big for her.

With my permission she showed them to a couple of other people I know, one of whom took the clothing, apparently with delight.

My friend told her that I didn’t want any money for the clothes, but she suggested a bottle of wine would be a nice thank you.

I have seen this woman in passing many times and not one word of thanks has been given.

I have started giving her the cold shoulder, but I don’t think she notices.

It shouldn’t bother me, but it does, so I was thinking of telling her the reason I’m ignoring her.

By the way, I don’t like her anyway!

Should I just let it go?

— Dressed Down

Dear Down: Your story reminds me of the well-known thought experiment: If you deliver a cold shoulder, but the recipient doesn’t notice, is the shoulder still cold?

I know you understand that when you willingly surrendered these items, they ceased being yours.


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