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The ability of any given trading platform to not only provide top-of-the-line capabilities, features and services but also be easy-to-use and offer a high degree of security and transparency is essential nowadays. This is because as the cryptocurrency and digital asset sector continues to grow, unsavory individuals and fraudulent entities would like nothing more than to steal the hard-earned funds of traders and investors.

As such, there are many platforms around the world which effectively combine the aforementioned aspects associated with digital trading, including but not limited to Coinbase, Binance, and

What makes a trading platform effective?

In a nutshell, a trading platform would be considered effective if it can enable users to trade with several different kinds of assets such as forex, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, indices, metals, etc., while also keeping them safe from harm. While it is true that centralized exchanges would therefore prefer to have third-parties involved in order to adhere to corresponding regulations, decentralized exchanges would instead focus on providing autonomy to the traders themselves and removing any interference from intermediaries as much as possible.

Whatever the case may be though, whether traders prefer the independence of decentralized exchanges or like to have intermediaries involved, the fact remains that everyone is becoming increasingly involved with digital trading.

Is crypto trading as profitable as they say?

It is no secret that cryptocurrency trading is among the most popular forms of trading which exists nowadays. While other markets like stocks, forex and commodities still attract a large number of traders, many have realized that cryptocurrencies allow for greater profits to be made, although the risk would certainly be higher too.

For the vast majority of traders though, the risk would seem to be worth it as there have been countless cases of individuals from all over the world who bought digital assets like BTC and ETH and cashed out at the right time, which significantly improved the quality of their lives. With that in mind, trading platforms would therefore have to take the initiative and offer access to multiple global financial markets along with a high level of transparency, both of which are aspects found on top platforms like

Furthermore, there are ways to supplement crypto trading as while most traders would normally be content with just holding the different assets in their respective wallets or at the most stake their crypto, for instance offers 70% to 400% ROI on ETFs, stocks, forex, metals, bonds, commodities, equities, fiat currencies, crypto, and their own financial trading products, ‘EPICs’ and ‘Reverse Futures.’ is a game changer, here’s how

One of the biggest reasons in particular is garnering so much attention in the digital trading sector is because of the wide range of markets, features and services available. To date, the platform has gained approximately 140,000 users and paid over $20 million in winnings to the traders. More importantly however, the online financial trading platform offers deposit-free and interest-free trading options which is particularly useful not just for most traders, but the latter is especially beneficial for those of the Islamic faith.’s ‘Trader’s Bay’ feature is a platform-integrated online store. It offers numerous upgrades and privileges that customers can subscribe to for a minute daily fee which they can also switch off whenever desired. Spells, charms and enhancements are some examples. Among the enhancements are ‘Chains,’ which offer 400% payouts, ‘Jumbo trades,’ which double the maximum size of a trade allocation, and ‘Waterfall,’ which doubles the maximum number of open positions at any given time. Spells allow users to boost FX payouts by up to 5%. Additional spells, enhancements, and charms will be added on a regular basis.

Spectre, in summary, uses cutting-edge crowd-sourced technology to connect traders with other traders via the platform or against an available embedded liquidity pool. The platform’s unique infrastructure also ensures 24 hour liquidity and little to no risk. While restrictions in some countries may still apply, such as the platform not presently being operational in the United States, the site was nevertheless created in order to enable broker-free and fraud-free retail trading around the world. It is also the only platform available which provides ‘gamified trading’ features and services.

The trades themselves are all managed by smart contracts and, in an effort to offer increased transparency, are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain which is among the top blockchains in the world. The platform’s users would additionally trade directly against a Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool (DALP), which is publicly owned and can be traded against on demand along with also being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Spectre also has other interesting features like Hyper API, no hidden fees or charges, a DeFi Boost wallet, SIP (Spectre Incentive Program), and more.
Whatever the case may be though, whether it’s Spectre or any other platform, one thing has become abundantly clear which is that digital trading is here to stay for a long time to come.


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