Denver sheriff’s deputy suspended for driving home drunk from party for sheriff


A Denver sheriff’s deputy who drove home drunk from a party for the sheriff and a Denver police officer will serve unpaid suspensions for crashing their cars while driving drunk.

Denver sheriff Sgt. Jerry Sherrod will lose 14 days of work for driving drunk and flipping his car while leaving an April 9 birthday party for Sheriff Elias Diggins, according to a Denver Department of Public Safety letter explaining the discipline. Sherrod’s blood-alcohol content was .13 at the time of the crash, according to the letter.

Sherrod texted Diggins about the crash and his BAC at 2:18 a.m. April 10 and the following day Diggins told him to report the crash to the department. Sherrod reported the crash to the sheriff’s department on April 11 and Diggins recused himself from the disciplinary proceedings, according to the letter.

Diggins acknowledged that people were drinking at his party but said he was not monitoring his guests’ consumption.

Sherrod said in an interview with Denver Sheriff’s Department investigators that he shouldn’t have driven that night.


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