Denver airport’s new bathrooms in Concourse C are not one-way glass


An airline pilot with a sizable TikTok following is drawing people’s attention to newly-renovated restrooms at Denver International Airport featuring windows that visitors may believe are one-way — but aren’t.

The TikTok user almostcaptainmorgan, who identifies herself as a Boeing 737 first officer/pilot, shared a video with her half-million followers this week in which she addresses the new restrooms from the cockpit of a plane outside an airport terminal.


100% thought this was the coolest thing ever until I got to the plane 😳 #denver #airport #airlinepilot #traveltiktok

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“This video is a friendly PSA for anyone flying through the Denver airport,” she said. “If you, like me, thought that the windows in the new renovated bathrooms were one-way, where you could see out but planes couldn’t see in, you would be incorrect.”

The video then pans toward the terminal, where it appears people are visible standing at sinks in a restroom.

Mindy Crane, a spokesperson for Denver International Airport, said the new bathrooms do retain people’s privacy.

“No, people cannot see you using the bathroom from the tarmac,” Crane said. “People are only visible from the sinks, when they’re washing their hands. The stalls themselves are completely private.”

Crane added that there’s a film covering the bottom half of the windows that she said prevents people outside from seeing in.

The restrooms in question opened in May as part of the addition of 16 new gates in Concourse C. The airport is adding more gates and restrooms in the A and B concourses, Crane said, that will open this fall — part of a project to increase the airport’s capacity by 30%.

“These bathrooms were designed to provide more natural light and make it easier for people to see, especially those who are fixing their hair or putting on make-up,” she said.


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