Deion Sanders? As next CU football coach? “Prime Time” too smart to take Buffs gig. – The Denver Post


So Deion Sanders gets the CU Buffs football job and (checks notes) immediately commits career suicide.

Z.T., Los Angeles

Kiz: The staff at Kickin’ It Headquarters has noted the rumors of a dalliance between Sanders and the Buffs. Why would “Prime Time” try to resuscitate a program in the Lost Time Zone, if he has any shot at a coaching gig in the pigskin-crazy South? Here’s what “Coach Prime” should tell the Buffs: CU ain’t Stanford academically, any more than the Buffs are Alabama on football field. Stop the charade. Get down to business. Raise big name, image and likeness money. Or stop trying to pretend 1990 will happen ever again.

There is a team located in Colorado Springs that has a winning program year-in and year-out. Those cadet athletes don’t go to school to play football. Their main purpose is to protect freedom of speech for bozos like you to run your mouth. To ignore Air Force’s program in your recent column about Colorado School of Mines is a complete insult.  The Falcons have outright won the state of Colorado again this year, defeating those loudmouth (jerks) from CU and the horrid CSU Rams. I know The Denver Post can’t handle the truth; look how blue your paper is politically. You call yourself a sports journalist, I would say you are just a biased old man.

Alex, fightin’ for Falcons

Kiz: Bozo? I’m more partial to Krusty. I’ve covered and admired Air Force football since 1983, when your Denver Post sent me to find out how the Falcons landed a bid to the Independence Bowl, whose executive headquarters consisted of one guy behind a desk in the lobby of a hotel in Shreveport, La. The current edition of AFA football, however, has been nothing special to write home about. Entering a Saturday night date at San Diego State, the Falcons have beaten seven FBS foes with a combined record of 19-57.

As a resident of Colorado for only one year, but a football fan of 40 years, I feel compelled to say the Broncos’ woes are not coach Nathaniel Hackett’s fault. The new ownership needs a season to evaluate. The first adjustment should be removing Russell Wilson as quarterback.

Johnny, Boulder

Kiz: Sorry, but there are 245 million reasons why the Broncos can’t dump Wilson and his new contract.

The average soccer fan is so obnoxious, like that annoying friend who sells Amway or does CrossFit or is a vegan. They have been trying to shove soccer our throats for 50 years and it’s still boring, still unpopular in the United States and our men’s national team still stinks.

Larry, Winter Garden, Fla.


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