Daughter’s bullying experience affects mom’s


Dear Amy: My 18-year-old daughter was kicked out of her friend group for being “too annoying” last fall, at the start of her senior year.

Her mental health plummeted as a result of this rejection and isolation, so she finished her senior year online and has been receiving therapy ever since.

She has college plans, and we are all trying to move forward after this painful year.

I was friendly with two of the mothers in this group, and they clearly don’t accept that their daughters had any responsibility in the situation.

One in particular is clueless about how her daughter treated mine despite this behavior going on for years.

This mom has tried to maintain a friendly online rapport with me, but I cannot stomach the idea of socializing with her and pretending as if her daughter didn’t have a role in bullying mine out of school.

I am concerned that I may be facing social engagements where she is present, given our mutual connection and the fact that she lives nearby.

How can I get past this issue peacefully without more drama for myself or my family?

— Had Enough

Dear Had Enough: This is a tough situation for your daughter and your family, and I hope that her transition to college life goes smoothly.

You state that these mothers are “clueless” about their daughters’ bullying behavior, and if they are truly clueless (unaware), then perhaps they should be told about it. (The school should have done this when the dynamic emerged.)


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