Daily horoscope for October 16, 2022


Moon Alert: There are no restrictions to shopping or important decisions today. The Moon is in Cancer.

Happy Birthday for Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022:

You are perceptive, intelligent and observant. Your sharp mind is capable of complex analysis. You are a natural teacher who likes to inform. This year brings change and greater freedom into your world. Stay flexible and be ready to act fast. Enjoy travel and trust your intuition.


(March 21-April 19)
A family member might surprise you today. Or perhaps a small appliance will break down or a minor breakage will occur, because something unexpected will impact your home and private life. Stock the fridge to have food and drink on hand. Tonight: Cocoon. This Week: A fun competition.


(April 20-May 20)
Pay attention to everything you say and do today, because this is a mildly accident-prone day for your sign. Naturally, this includes verbal accidents as well as physical accidents. (Pulling your foot out of your mouth is the toughest yoga move.) Tonight: Conversations. This Week: Energy to work!


(May 21-June 20)
Keep an eye on your money and possessions today, because something unexpected could impact them. You might find money; you might lose money. Be smart and protect what you own against loss, theft or damage so that you have no regrets. Tonight: A surprise. This Week: Enjoy social outings and sports competitions.


(June 21-July 22)
Today you feel independent, even rebellious. There seems to be a lot of energy in the air, which makes you feel spontaneous and very highly tuned to whatever is going on around you. You might meet new friends. Tonight: You win! This Week: Home improvements and entertaining.


(July 23-Aug. 22)
This is a restless day. It’s been a busy week with appointments, errands and short trips. You’ve been full of ideas, and many of you have had the pleasure of seeing new places and meeting new faces. Even though you want to rest, it’s hard to sit still. Tonight: Solitude. This Week: Strong communications, sales and writing!


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You might encounter someone interesting today. Possibly someone you already know might do something that surprises you. Your involvement with a group might create feelings of independence. Perhaps you want to rebel against the status quo. Tonight: Be friendly. This Week: Cash flow earning and spending.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Fortunately, you are courteous and diplomatic by nature. This means you can use your natural skills when dealing with authority figures or the police, if they surprise you in some way or catch you off guard. (Busted!) Tonight: Be aware. This Week: Energy to charm and convince.


(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Travel plans might be interrupted, canceled or delayed today. Likewise, issues related to publishing, the media, the law and medicine also might be interrupted or canceled. (“Whaaat?”) Stay cool and observe. Tonight: Stay flexible. This Week: The puppet master works behind the scenes.


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Keep an eye on banking, inheritances, shared property or insurance matters, because something out of the blue might require your attention. (When it comes to money matters, you snooze, you lose.) Tonight: Check your finances. This Week: Friendly but competitive! Romance is hot.


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
A close friend or partner might surprise you today by doing or saying something you least expect. Or perhaps they are suddenly in a huff or rebellious. Meanwhile, you look attractive to everyone at this time. You make a great impression on others. Is this a problem? Tonight: Patience. This Week: You are ambitious and magnetic.


(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Work interruptions are likely today. Some of you might have a sudden health concern. Pet owners should be vigilant and on top of things related to their pets, because something unexpected could occur. Be aware of these possibilities, especially if traveling. Tonight: Work. This Week: Travel. Explore new ideas.


(Feb. 19-March 20)
Parents take note: This is an accident-prone day for your kids; therefore, know where they are at all times. Meanwhile, social occasions might be canceled or changed. Sports accidents are highly likely. A sudden invitation might come your way that surprises you. Tonight: Relax. This Week: Negotiations will enrich you.


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