Daily horoscope for October 11, 2022


Moon Alert: There are no restrictions to shopping or important decisions today. The Moon is in Taurus.

Happy Birthday for Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022:

You are a witty, charming, enthusiastic optimist. People enjoy your company. You are thoughtful and well spoken. This year is the final year of a nine-year cycle, which means it’s time to take inventory. It’s also time to let go of people, places and possessions or anything that is holding you back.


(March 21-April 19)
Listen to the advice of someone older or more experienced than you today, because it might be valuable for you to do so. After all, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Why not stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you? Tonight: Protect your assets.


(April 20-May 20)
You’ll find it easy to be productive at work today, because things will flow smoothly. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and address important issues in a hands-on way. No doubt, this will impress bosses and anyone in authority, because they see you as conscientious about getting things done. Tonight: A surprise?


(May 21-June 20)
This is an excellent day to hone your technique or practice something, perhaps in the arts or music, or possibly a physical skill related to sports or a particular trade. Today you have the patience to do something again and again until you get it right. Tonight: You’re restless.


(June 21-July 22)
A family discussion, especially with a parent or an older family member, will go well today because all parties concerned want practical results. In particular, this is a strong day to discuss inheritances and well-planned endings. This is also a great day to tackle home repairs and redecorating projects. Tonight: New friends?


(July 23-Aug. 22)
This is a wonderful day to make plans for the future. Likewise, it’s a great day to study, because your mind is focused and you’re concerned primarily with practical matters. Discussions with others will be serious. Possibly someone more knowledgeable than you will give you advice. Tonight: Pay attention.


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
This is an excellent day for business and commerce, because you will be precise and careful with any financial transactions that you do. Meanwhile, if you’re shopping today, you will want to buy long-lasting, practical items. No ostrich boas today! Tonight: Plans change.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
This is a fabulous day for you. You will find it easy to be disciplined, and you will channel your energy into getting whatever you want or doing whatever you want to do. Furthermore, you will derive great satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment out of whatever you do, especially getting better organized. Tonight: Check your finances.


(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
This is a wonderful day to do research of any kind, because you are focused, patient and persevering. You will leave no stone unturned. In fact, whatever you do might lead to ways to improve your job or get a better job in the future. Tonight: Someone surprises you.


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
A discussion with an older or more experienced colleague or friend will yield positive results today. Listen to what others say. If you are involved in a club or a group, this is a good day to discuss future goals and agree on a mission statement. Tonight: Work disruptions.


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Today’s an excellent day! People admire you and are willing to listen to what you say. Meanwhile, you will demonstrate discipline and self-control. You might have excellent advice for others about how to conserve something or avoid waste. Tonight: Social plans change.


(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
It will be easy to study today because your mind is focused and your powers of concentration are excellent. You can use this energy to make future travel plans, to finish an important paper or manuscript, or to pursue discussions about legal or medical matters. Tonight: A surprise at home.


(Feb. 19-March 20)
This is a solid day to go through red-tape papers and get better organized, especially with matters related to taxes, debt, inheritances and shared property. That’s because you have the patience and perseverance to deal with things you might usually avoid. Bravo! Tonight: Be careful.


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