Dad’s obit leaves out an important detail


Dear Amy: My father recently died.

I am the child of his first wife. He also had a child with his second wife, to whom he was married for 50 years.

My half-brother “Gerald” and I get along fine.

Our father’s obituary was written so that it sounded like his second wife was his only wife, with no mention of my mother.

Dad was prominent in his field, and his Wikipedia entry also makes no mention of his marriage to my mother.

My name and my children’s names are acknowledged, but the implication is that I am the child of his second wife.

My mom never got over my father’s infidelity and desertion. She is hurt that she has been written out like this.

Should I say something to my brother to change this so that my mother is acknowledged in his history? Should obituaries and biographies be truthful about exes?

I lived my life tiptoeing around the animosity between my parents, and I wish this sad saga to be over.

— Loving, but Sad Daughter

Dear Loving: Many obituaries are actually “death notices,” written by family members and/or funeral homes.


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