Dabur Amla Juice Plus VS Patanjali Amla juice – Which is better?


Amla also known as Indian gooseberry is filled up with nutrients that boost your overall health. Not only it is consumed for its nutritive value but also for its amazing taste. Considered great for your skin, Amla juice should actually be consumed by all in India especially if you are trying to improve your overall health.

Due to this faced paced lifestyle, it is not possible for everyone to buy amla and then convert it to a juice. As a result, there are several instant amla drink beverages that are already ready to drink. So, today in this article we will be comparing two of the most famous ready-to-drink amla juices in India, the Dabur Amla Juice Plus and the Patanjali Amla Juice. Let’s begin.

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – The comparision

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Actual amount of Amla present

Dabur Amla Juice Plus contains about 13% amla pulp in the whole mixture which is very less especially when it should be the main ingredient of the juice. On the other hand, Patanjali Amla juice contains about 99.9% amla. The difference is huge and that is the sole reason why you should opt for Patanjali Amla juice if you actually need an amla juice that’s filled up with amla. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Preservatives

Although the packaging of Dabur Amla Juice plus mentions the absence of any preservatives, but when I checked the ingredients list, I found the juice filled up with acidity regulators, stabilizers and antioxidants. On the other hand, Patanjali Amla juice mentions the presence of Sodium Benzoate as a preservative. Sodium benzoate is added in permissible amounts in this drink to maintain the shelf life of the product. In this case, Patanjali is the clear winner here. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Pricing

The price difference between Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice is very nominal. 1 litre of Dabur Amla Juice Plus costs you around Rs 105 whereas Patanjali Amla juice costs you around Rs 110. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Which is for diabetic patients?

Dabur Amla Juice plus contains added sugar and the amount of sugar ranges from 2tablespoons – 3tablespoons per serving, which can be a problem for diabetic patients. But Patanjali Amla juice have no added ingredients that are not suitable for diabetic patients. So Patanjali Amla juice could be the best choice for diabetic patients if compared to Dabur Amla Plus. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Vitamin C content

The main reason why we drink Amla juice is because of its Vitamin C content which boosts our immunity power. The amount of Vitamin C present in Patanjali Amla juice is double that of Dabur Amla Juice Plus. Although, both fulfill 100% daily requirement of Vitamin C in our body, but more is always better. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Taste factor

Compared to Patanjali Amla juice, Dabur’s Amla juice Plus tastes better. This is because of the presence of apple juice concentrate in Dabur Amla juice plus. So in this case, Dabur Amla juice plus is the clear winner. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – side effects

Both Dabur Amla Juice Plus and Patanjali Amla juice have no reported side effects whatsoever. But if you are consuming Patanjali Amla juice for the first time, you may experience acidity or loose stool. If you experience any sorts of side effects due to this juice immediately consult your doctor. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – brand value

When it comes to the highest authoritative brand with the best marketing strategies, Dabur is always in the top 10 list. From their Chyawanprash to their honey they have always dominated the markets. On the other hand, Patanjali also is a big name in the regular food products department but has gained defamation because of the quality of some of their products. When it comes to choosing the better one between both just on the basis of their brand name and trustability score, everyone will opt for Dabur. 

Dabur Amla Juice Plus vs Patanjali Amla juice – Which is better?

After this complete analysis, it is quite evident that Patanjali Amla juice is the clear winner here if compared to Dabur Amla Juice Plus. It is free from any harmful preservatives and contains more amla than Dabur. The taste of Patanjali Amla juice is a big down factor here, but you can always manipulate the taste just by adding a little bit of honey. 


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