CU Buffs no longer are the only major college football team without a win.


BOULDER – As the party on Folsom Field raged around him, Buffs linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo plopped his weary butt down in the grass at the five-yard line and soaked in the happy mayhem.

Dancing with joy, CU students belted out the words to “Sweet Caroline.” Athletic director Rick George tried to hug all 10,000 fans who stormed the field. Parents of long-suffering players dabbed away tears of pride and relief.

Smile, Ralphie! The losing streak is over.

Chandler-Semedo had the best seat in the house for the celebration. His CU helmet off, legs outstretched, weight resting on sturdy hands, the 22-year-old linebacker looked across the field and saw the scoreboard bearing good news a long time coming:

CU 20, California 13.

“The monkey is finally off our backs,” a grinning Chandler-Semedo told me Saturday, as he peered up from his seat in the grass.

Colorado didn’t mind working overtime to get the victory, because the Buffs ain’t the only winless major college football team in America anymore.

Storm the field to party with a 1-5 team? Darn skippy. The only way to find your joy is to chase it. When life makes you want to quit, you celebrate every little victory like there’s no tomorrow.

“I’ve had what I would call dreams or whatever. I actually dreamt specifically about the student section rushing the field. And I really believed it. I know it sounds crazy …” said interim CU head coach Mike Sanford, confessing to being startled from sleep last week with visions of the Buffs beating the Bears.

“I’m obviously not saying I’m a prophet, but there were just a lot of visions of guys making plays, and I told the players about that. That wasn’t just a motivational tactic. I saw that.”

Heck, if all it took was a powerful vision for the Buffs to win a dang football game, why didn’t Mr. Sanford give us all two puffs of whatever he’s smoking a lot earlier?


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