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We’ve long been on a quest to find the best all-around trading app. Any app considered must have a variety of professional trading tools, quality customer service, powerful security, and a glowing reputation. 

Such an app must also feature a wide range of global markets to choose from and plenty of bells and whistles to keep users coming back for more and more. From crypto to indices and forex to commodities, the PrimeXBT mobile is the all-in-one solution we were searching for.

Here are all the reasons why. 

The PrimeXBT Mobile App Works With Your Lifestyle 

The primary reason mobile applications have become so vital to today’s traders is that people are increasingly on the go for one reason or another. Very few people have the luxury of sitting at a trading desk all day and have responsibilities and social lives to tend to. 

There is a mobile app to suit every need, but for far too long, trading apps have fallen short of expectations. Web-based platforms or desktop clients have always provided the necessary power, but shrinking that experience down to the palm of your hands is no easy feat. 

PrimeXBT, however, has developed an award-winning mobile app that offers on-the-go access to the full suite of professional trading tools and more than 100 different trading instruments across crypto, indices, commodities, and forex currencies

The PrimeXBT App Lets You Leverage Your Trades And Time

Using the free PrimeXBT mobile app, traders can crank up profitability with leveraged long and short positions or play it safe and hedge spot positions with strategic risk management. These positions can be managed from anywhere in the world whenever volatility strikes.

With such an extensive range of instruments ranging from forex to crypto and everything in between, the PrimeXBT mobile app also lets traders build a complex portfolio of uncorrelated and anticorrelated assets. Protect capital with careful portfolio positioning, or get ready for the next bill trend — the flexibility is endless. 

The PrimeXBT app even lets traders access the Covesting copy trading community as a strategy manager or a follower. Strategy managers must rise the ranks of the Covesting leaderboards, while followers use the transparent trading performance to pick which traders to follow. By following top-ranked traders, followers automatically copy the trades of the chosen strategy manager, profiting off the skills of a more experienced trader. 

The PrimeXBT App Is Available As A Free Download: Get It Now

All products and services offered by PrimeXBT are powered by digital assets. There is no minimum deposit requirement for margin trading. Simply make a deposit in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and other popular cryptocurrencies or buy crypto using the app to begin trading. 

PrimeXBT recently released an all-new withdrawal process within the app, making it much easier to view blockchain addresses and transaction details before confirming. The company is always releasing new updates, features, and platform improvements. 

If you don’t already have a PrimeXBT account, you can set one up after downloading the free mobile app from the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS. See for yourself why the consensus in the trading community is that the PrimeXBT app is the best around.


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