Cousin’s caregiving is actually care-taking – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: My cousin was living with and taking care of my mom near the end of my mom’s life.

My mother needed constant care. I was living hundreds of miles away at the time, so this was a good solution at the time.

In 2013, I moved back home to Florida to be with my mom for whatever time she had left.

I soon found out that my cousin was taking almost all of my mom’s SSI for herself. My cousin got $1,100 per month, leaving very little money left for my mother’s use.

I finally removed my mom from her care, and my mom was happier for it.

I just can’t forgive her for the harm she caused and for taking advantage of someone who obviously cared for her.

Mom died in 2014. My problem is that my other cousins and family members still talk to my cousin and treat her like she is part of the family.

They say I’m being unreasonable for not forgiving her and letting it go.

I believe she was abusive toward my mother — financially and physically — but I can’t prove it.

Am I wrong for not wanting to forgive her for what she did?

— Betrayed


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