Could Russell Wilson buy some of whatever Lionel Messi is drinking?


The script-writers for the World Cup final have already tipped their hand. This is the year for Lionel Messi. Even a significantly less talented supporting cast for Argentina won’t get in the way of his destiny.

Joseph, Arvada

Kiz: At age 35, Messi has strolled his way to the final, walking more than any other player in this tournament, according to the GPS tracker. When Messi does turn it on, he’s not only the GOAT with the ball at his feet, but clearly the best player on the pitch. Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is 34 years old. Could Wilson buy some of whatever Messi is drinking from that fountain of youth?

I would prefer to see Messi finally win a Cup, but France is about to take Argentina apart. France is a super team, almost on par with Spain from a decade ago.

Chaser, London

Kiz: We acknowledge France has the talent to become the first back-to-back champions in 60 years. Wasn’t this super team, however, fortunate to survive a challenge by England in the quarterfinals? It will be no walk in the park for Messi. But in the final game of this World Cup, the sentimental fools here at Kickin’ It Headquarters will predict a 2-1 victory for Argentina.

Cornerback Pat Surtain is the Broncos’ best player, but imagine if the team had drafted quarterback Justin Fields instead with the ninth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Fields would’ve easily been the MVP of this season, with more hope and draft picks for the future!

Bill, Naples, Fla.

Kiz: Hey, I wanted the Broncos to draft Fields, as well. But that’s spilled milk. On a more positive note, would it be OK if I nominated linebacker Alex Singleton as the team MVP? All the dude does is make plays. In a tough season, Singleton has been a feel-good story.

Wilson’s time here in Denver has all the makings of an Arthur Miller play. His glossy arrival with high expectations and ambitions of a rosy future overlooked the realities of a weak supporting cast, the learning curve of a first-time head coach and personal declining abilities. It all has now culminated in a concussive kamikazi dive during a loss to Kansas City. I think we were all delusional about a repeat of Payton Manning’s greatness. Hopefully a future of CTE is not the final act for Wilson.

R.P., Boulder

Kiz: Bravo to coach Nathaniel Hackett and the powers that be in the Broncos organization for ruling out Wilson against Arizona, putting the quarterback’s health and safety ahead of the need to break a five-game losing streak.


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