Contractor might renovate client’s life


Dear Amy: I’m a senior woman, divorced for more than half my life.

Recently I’ve hired a worker (30 years younger than I) to update my home, which badly needed some work done.

During the time he’s been working in my home, we’ve become friendly.

I sincerely respect him and strongly believe he respects me, as well.

Lately I find myself having fantasies about us becoming “friends with benefits,” and he has made a couple of comments which lead me to believe that he may feel the same way.

I’m uncomfortable with these feelings, but seem powerless to stop.

I’ve never in my life done anything like this and truly don’t want to now.

How should I handle this extremely uncomfortable situation?

— The Older Woman

Dear Older Woman: Fifteen years ago, I called a guy I went to high school with to renovate my house. He renovated my life, instead.

My point is that it is possible to meet “Mr. Right” — or “Mr. Right Now” — in your own living room.


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