Construction noises are too much for the pup


Dear Amy: I live in New York City in a co-op building. The apartment next door was sold eight months ago and has been unoccupied ever since.

I work from home doing some freelance writing, and I teach voice lessons via Zoom. I always have between two and eight voice students — of all ages.

I have wanted a canine companion for a very long time. Three weeks ago I brought home a puppy.

One week later, I was given notice that the apartment next door would undergo a gut renovation that would last for at least three months.

Last week the renovation began and it’s as loud and jarring as you might think.

I can’t take work calls and I can’t conduct voice lessons from my home.

Worse, my puppy is very scared by the banging (who could blame her?) and she’s trembling and anxious.

The big bugaboo? I’m in a very tight financial position and I don’t have the capacity to rent a pet-friendly shared workspace in the area.

To my knowledge, I don’t know of any pet-friendly voice studios.

I also don’t have the financial means to send my puppy to daycare every day. My vet said they could recommend some anti-anxiety medications for her.

Am I totally out of luck here, or am I allowed to ask for compensation to vacate my home during construction hours, as well as money for meds/a thundershirt for my puppy?


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