Colorado’s front office sees chance to continue momentum


Over the past three years, the Rockies used their first-round draft picks with designs toward building the core of their future lineup by selecting outfielders Benny Montgomery and Zac Veen, catcher Drew Romo and first baseman Michael Toglia.

With all four of those players projected to debut at Coors Field within the next few years, the Rockies see this year’s MLB draft as a chance to continue that recent momentum. The draft begins Sunday night in Los Angeles, where Colorado has the No. 10 overall pick, three first-round picks and 22 picks overall.

“If you go back to ’03, ’04 and ’05, and you track how our (top prospects) were coming along and how we were winning together in the minor leagues, and then boom ’07 hits and we’ve got a World Series appearance as the product of these guys growing up together in the minors,” recalled Marc Gustafson, the Rockies’ head amateur scout.

“That’s what I see coming with our top prospects right now, and we have to continue to do that.”


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