Colorado Prop GG on more detailed tax tables on ballots takes commanding lead


Proposition GG, which sought to place more detailed tax information tables directly on petitions and ballots for citizen-initiated measures, took a commanding lead in early counts and is expected to pass.

There were 185,293 votes in favor of the measure and 70,031 against in preliminary results.  Democrats in the Colorado legislature referred the measure via the passage of Senate Bill 222, which Republicans opposed. Supporters went that route because Gov. Jared Polis has voiced opposition to legislative measures that would change ballot language on citizens’ initiatives.

The measure had no impact on tax rates and the information was already calculated and reported in the state’s ballot book. What it sought was to include that tax table with any measures that changed tax rates. Before and after changes in average taxes across eight different income brackets were shown.

Opponents argued that providing information that was already available would lengthen and complicate ballots, adding to their production and distribution costs. But in the end, voters sided with those who wanted to make tax impact information readily available as people were voting.


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