Colorado gas price average below national average, continues downward trend


Continuing the downward trend, Colorado’s average gas price is nearly a dollar less than what it was a month ago, and only 20 cents away from hitting the state average for this time last year.

Colorado’s average also dipped below the national average this week, hitting $3.84 Friday to the national average of $3.87.

But as the gas prices drop, hurricane season is looming, which could affect gas prices across the country.

“Drivers are now benefiting from gas prices that are $1.11 less than their peak in mid-June,” said Andrew Gross, a AAA spokesman. “But now we need to keep an eye on the weather as hurricane season arrives. These storms can affect prices by disrupting oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and impacting large coastal refineries.”

For now, oil prices are stable and easing, and if those prices continue to go lower, prices at the pump will also go down, AAA said.

Locally, Longmont and Firestone continue to have some of the cheapest gas stations in the state, and a couple Aurora stations have now reached the list of cheapest prices, according to Gas Buddy.

In Denver, gas prices are hovering around $3.55.

Cheapest gas in Colorado right now

  • $3.09 — Loaf ‘N Jug, 200 Lashley St., Longmont
  • $3.22 — Phillips 66, 3851 Colorado 119, Longmont
  • $3.22 — Circle K, 10963 W. I-25 Frontage Rd., Longmont
  • $3.22 — QuikTrip, 3979 Colorado 119, Firestone
  • $3.25 — Circle K, 6109 Firestone Blvd., Longmont
  • $3.26 — 7-Eleven, 22998 E. Smoky Hill Rd., Aurora
  • $3.26 — King Soopers, 6110 Firestone Blvd., Firestone
  • $3.26 — Murphy Express, 4615 City Centre Rd., Longmont
  • $3.27 — 7-Eleven, 3914 Colorado 119, Longmont
  • $3.35 — Murphy Express, 23290 E. Smoky Rd., Aurora


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