Colorado election results for House and Senate district primary races


Colorado’s state legislature looks awfully blue at the moment, with Democrats in control of 61 of 100 seats, plus the governor’s office. That could all change come November, as a Republican wave year threatens to flip the state Senate, where Democrats today have a 5-seat advantage, and narrow the state House, where Democrats today have a 17-seat advantage. There could be up to about 20 different competitive races for statehouse seats this year.

But the statehouse primaries have been plenty interesting, too: Denver’s seen a high-cost Democratic proxy war, Loveland’s seen a powerful Republican leader made to sweat by a young far-right challenger and Colorado Springs has seen a fascinating battle for a spot in a critical state Senate race. In those places and elsewhere, from eastern Colorado to Mesa County, here’s a look at the results of some of the top state legislative primary races.

(This is a developing story and it will be updated as ballot returns are reported.)

Democratic race for House District 6: Elisabeth Epps vs. Katie March

In this Denver district, Epps and March tangle in the most expensive statehouse primary in Colorado. This is one of the most heavily Democratic districts in the state, so the primary victor is all but guaranteed to win in November. Early returns showed March very narrowly ahead of Epps.

Republican race for House District 14: Rose Pugliese vs. Joe Woyte

In deep-red Mesa County, Pugliese and Woyte vie in a district that heavily favors Republicans. Pugliese led Woyte by about 10 points, in early returns.

Democratic race House District 17: Mischa Smith vs. Regina English

El Paso County isn’t all conservative, and House District 7 should remain blue come November, though a dramatic red wave could make it close. English led Smith comfortably in early returns.

Republican race House District 21: Karl Dent vs. Mary Bradfield (i)

Republicans like incumbent Bradfield are increasingly out of place in a Colorado House GOP populated by hard-line conservatives, including many election deniers. In this conservative El Paso County district, Bradfield led Dent roughly two-to-one, in early returns.

Republican race for House District 25: Colin Larson (i) vs. Dede Wagner

This foothills district, which includes communities like Evergreen, Pine and Ken Caryl, could be a close one in November. Incumbent Larson has survived primary fights before and he did so easily on Tuesday, with about two-thirds of votes in his favor, according to early returns.

Republican race for House District 26: Savannah Wolfson vs. Glenn Lowe

This district, on the Interstate 70 corridor through Eagle, is another that could be very close in the fall. Early returns showed Wolfson up big.

Democratic race for House District 42: Mandy Lindsay (i) vs. Gail Pough

There’s little question this heavily Democratic Aurora district is going blue again in the fall. Lindsay and Pough both sought the seat when former Rep. Dominque Jackson resigned, and Lindsay won through a vacancy committee. Now the broader electorate gets to weigh in, and Lindsay looks poised to stay put, according to early returns that showed her well in front.

Republican race for House District 51: Austin Hein vs. Hugh McKean (i)

Hein, a far-right former Capitol staffer, dominated McKean, the House minority leader, in assembly voting earlier this year. But assembly-goers tend more hardcore, and this in this conservative Loveland district, McKean is performing better in the primary. He was up about 15 points in early returns.

Democratic race for House District 57: Cole Buerger vs. Elizabeth Velasco

This mountain district, which includes communities like Aspen, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, is expected to go blue in November. Velasco led comfortably in early returns.

Republican race for House District 63: Richard Holtorf (i) vs. Jessie Vance

This vast district, which covers rural northeast Colorado, is represented now by Holtorf and almost assuredly will stay Republican come November. Jessie Vance is mounting a challenge in the primary, but Holtorf was dominating in early returns.

Republican race for Senate District 9: Paul Lundeen vs. Lynda Zamora Wilkson

Senate District 9, along the Interstate 25 corridor in and north of Colorado Springs, is a safe Republican seat. But it would be quite something if Lundeen, the incumbent, were to lose the primary; he’s in line to be the next president of the state Senate if Republicans can flip the chamber. Lundeen was winning easily, according to early returns.

Democratic race for Senate District 11: Yolanda Avila vs. Tony Exum

Whichever candidate wins this primary will have their work cut out for them: Senate District 11, in Colorado Springs, should be one of the most hotly contested seats in the statehouse. Exum, a current state representative, trailed Avila in early results. Early returns showed Exum up by about 10 points.


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