Colorado car registration renewals include $29 state parks pass in 2023


Do you want to spend $29 in 2023 for an annual pass that will grant you entry into Colorado’s 42 state parks? Starting on Jan. 1, you’ll have to decide, one way or the other, before you can renew your vehicle registration.

The $29 charge for a Keep Colorado Wild pass will be added to every renewal along with the usual vehicle registration fees. Car owners can choose to pay it or opt out.

If they opt out, they can subtract that $29 from the bill. If they accept, they get a vehicle registration card showing the $29 was paid. That registration card then becomes their ticket into state parks for the 12 months while that registration is valid. Because it’s tied to motor vehicle registration, park entry applies only to that vehicle.

The program will result in a substantial savings for folks who have been purchasing annual parks passes, which cost $80 in 2022.


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