College football has gone mad. Do CU Buffs or CSU Rams have guts to just say no to the insanity?


Colorado and Colorado State are way better at educating brilliant young minds than winning shiny football trophies. So why do the Buffs and Rams want to play the fool in a game they can’t win?

Rather than shamelessly begging, borrowing and squealing to be included in the madness that has become college football, the real brave move by CU or CSU would be to just say no to all this insanity.

College football has sold its soul, not to mention its tradition and the last pretense of academic purpose, in the name of television money.

Want to know the definition of insanity? The starting quarterback at Alabama now feels entitled to $1 million in annual compensation that even Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has called “ungodly.”

Smart people in Boulder and Fort Collins should put down the pompons and ask themselves two difficult questions.

No. 1: How are we going to scrape together the resources to consistently pay a quarterback $250,000 per year, much less the going rate on a team with a legit shot at winning the national championship?

No. 2: And should making young quarterbacks filthy rich be central to the mission statement of a fine academic institution?

The handwriting is now spray-painted in neon green on the wall in letters so tall that CU athletic director Rick George and CSU counterpart Joe Parker cannot ignore.

Despite their best efforts, from spending tens of millions of dollars on facilities to firing coaches that repeatedly fail, the Buffs and Rams have been left in the dust by the power brokers of college football.

Never-say-die pride, plus the misty watercolor memories of the way we were when Bill McCartney and Sonny Lubick roamed the sidelines, compel George and Parker to exhort alums to dig deeper in their wallets to bring back the glory days.

But here’s the inconvenient truth: In a state where NFL Sundays are religious experiences for legions of Broncomaniacs, college football is a nice excuse to drink some beer with your buds. Around here, it’s not the from-deep-in-the-soul passion play enjoyed by fanatics in the true college football hotbeds of South Bend, Athens and College Station.


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