Chef Edwin Zoe opens Dragonfly Noodle, with ramen and more, in Denver


Noodles are one of Edwin Zoe’s great passions in life. “Ever since I was a child, it was truly always a favorite thing of mine, and it seems like I never grew out of it.”

So when Zoe and his restaurant team were looking for a way to rebound from the loss of business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — and to heal from the wounds it caused — they decided to focus on what Zoe calls “our core strengths and passions.” In other words: noodles.

Earlier this year, Zoe transitioned Chimera, his four-year-old full-service Pacific Rim-menued restaurant in Boulder, into Dragonfly Noodle, and last week, he opened a second Dragonfly at 1350 16th St. in Denver, on the long-suffering 16th Street Mall.

Both locations feature a streamlined menu of ramen dishes (including one that is served with two char sui pork ribs on top), along with yaki udon, Singapore curry noodles, and a wide variety of fun bao buns, like spicy bulgogi, panko eggplant and butter lobster.

“The spectrum of Asian noodle dishes is so wide – it’s practically limitless. So, I have selected some of my favorites … ones that reflect my palate and style,” he continued. Zoe’s restaurants are among just one or two others that make their own noodles by hand in each store.


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