Can these Broncos save Nathaniel Hackett’s job?


Kiz: Could the Broncos play the rest of this season’s games in jolly, old London? Please. Three touchdowns? Quarterback Russell Wilson riding to the rescue in the fourth quarter? A stake through the stinking heart of a losing streak? Nicely done, lads. Can I get an “Amen!” and five minutes of high knees from Broncos Country? At 3-5, can this team get to the NFL playoffs from here? Or at least do enough to save Nathaniel Hackett from being one-and-done as the head coach?

Gabriel: What was the term CEO Greg Penner used on Friday in the basement of that restaurant? “Week-to-week business?” Certainly another long skid would put Nathaniel Hackett’s job status in peril. And so would falling back to the first-seven-games touchdown rate. But if a team with a league-leading number of players on injured reserve, without a couple of aging warhorses at running back and a makeshift offensive line, can put together a run in the coming weeks, then yeah, they can keep Hackett around. Predicting a Wild Card run feels somewhere between premature and misguided, but stranger things have happened.


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