Can Russell Wilson make a comeback in 2023?


My sports wish for 2023 is for quarterback Russell Wilson to win comeback player of the year and the Broncos to win 11 games.

Tim, Centennial

Kiz: Wilson has been wretched. And I suspect the only reason George Paton didn’t get fired as general manager after giving Wilson that ridiculous $245 million extension is because Broncos CEO Greg Penner needs somebody to work on the NFL draft while he looks for a new coach to replace the knucklehead hired by Paton. On the bright side? I don’t think Wilson is washed up. He can be the comeback player of 2023, if Penner finds the right guy to fix Wilson.

The only thing I want to see in 2023 as a sports fan is the Joker lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy at Ball Arena with Jamal Murray next to him, holding the NBA Finals most valuable player trophy.

Rob, hoop dreaming

Kiz: OK, want to hear another crazily optimistic sports prediction for 2023? LeBron James has never done it. Michael Jordan never did it. But after he leads the Nuggets to the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, center Nikola Jokic will be the first NBA player to win the MVP trophy in three straight seasons since Larry Bird from 1984-86.

My fondest sports wish for 2023 is to be able to watch the Nuggets and the Avs on my television. Next is Joe Burrow demanding to be traded to the Broncos. They seem about equally likely.

Richard, Denver

Kiz: There’s only one guy I’d rather have than Burrow as the starting quarterback of my NFL team. Sorry, Josh Allen. It ain’t you. Patrick Mahomes is a more dangerous QB than Burrow. So he’s No. 1. But in my book, Burrow is No. 1A. And it would not surprise me in the least if Burrow ended up winning more Super Bowl rings than Mahomes.

My wishes for the new year are: No. 1, you stay healthy and brilliant, Kiz;  No. 2, Condoleezza Rice and the Broncos ownership team hire Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, and No. 3, Wilson figures out how to play football.

Polly, no-limit dreamer


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