Cam Reddish gets ‘first crack’ at rotation spot to replace injured Quentin Grimes – The Denver Post


MEMPHIS — With Quentin Grimes out because of his resurfaced foot pain, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said he planned on giving the struggling Cam Reddish a spot in the rotation over Miles McBride.

“Cam will get the first crack at it,” Thibodeau said before Wednesday’s game against the Grizzlies. “He had a lot of reps in the preseason so we’re comfortable with that.”

Acquired last season for a first-round pick, Reddish’s minutes were a hot topic during training camp because there was no path to playing time. It was no secret Thibodeau favored Grimes’ defensive prowess, and the Knicks couldn’t agree on an extension for Reddish before Monday’s deadline.

But Grimes’ sore foot was more of an issue than the Knicks hoped. For the first time Wednesday, Thibodeau acknowledged a setback after Grimes logged 16 scoreless minutes in last week’s preseason finale.

Grimes said soreness returned over the weekend.

“I think I wasn’t really supposed to come back that early but it started feeling really good,” Grimes said. “I practiced two times before that and it was pain-free. And after the game it kind of flared up again and we’re being more cautious with it.”

Grimes said tests ruled out a fracture but showed inflammation and they’re managing the injury so it doesn’t turn into “something like” plantar fasciitis.

“They said it was kind of an overuse thing. Just being in the gym a lot. Coming back at night, going back to Houston [in the summer], working on it and working on it. Then Thibs had us in the [gym] for sure, working out. Overusing it, for sure. It was an overuse thing really.”

Reddish didn’t take advantage of Grimes’ absence in preseason, shooting just 21.4 percent over four games while averaging 4.3 points in 15.3 minutes.

“I just want him to get out there, be aggressive and attack,” Thibodeau said. “He can score in different ways, he doesn’t have to always settle for jump shots. He can drive the ball, attack, make plays. He’s got good size, just get into the paint and make your rim reads, make the right play. The game tells you [how to play]. If you’re open, shoot it. If you’re not open, make a play, and keep the ball moving, move without the ball. He’s capable of doing those things. We love his length, we love his versatility.”



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