Broncos need to end the madness. Fire Nathaniel Hackett. Make defensive coordinator Ejiro Eviro the head coach.


The Broncos are on the road to nowhere, and coach Nathaniel Hackett is a slacker riding shotgun.

So please remind me: What exactly does Hackett do around here? And why is he still here?

“We’re on the learning end of the experience of trying to get back to winning. Sometimes it’s a journey, sometimes it’s an ugly one, sometimes it’s a tough one,” quarterback Russell Wilson said Sunday, after Denver lost 22-16 in overtime to Las Vegas. The defeat left a bad football team that already had no margin for error with no reason for hope things will get better anytime soon.

I don’t know what highway the Broncos are traveling, but I’m pretty sure the devil is roasting s’mores by the fire at the end of this journey.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you kindly let me off at the next stop light, please? I’ve seen enough.

Fire Hackett.

Did keeping Vance Joseph or Vic Fangio longer make them better coaches? If Josh McDaniels is the worst coach in Broncos history, then why does Hackett have an 0-2 record against Kid McD?

Yes, dismissing Hackett after 10 games might be considered doing him dirty. Hey, life in the NFL ain’t fair. And we all know this isn’t working out.

So why wait?

Give defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero the title of interim coach, not merely to play out the string of another lost football season in Denver, but as a seven-game tryout to see if he’s the guy to lead this franchise back to glory. Changing a losing culture is too tough a task for a lightweight like Hackett.

Let Klint Kubiak show what he can do to fix what’s wrong with Wilson. If this franchise can’t fix Wilson in what remains of 2022, then 2023 and 2024 promise to be a miserable experience of flushing more of his $242.5 million contract extension down the toilet.


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