Broncos makeshift offense put away Cardinals late: “It feels great”


Saturday night in his hotel room, quarterback Brett Rypien worked on the art of deception.

Show the ball, hide it, then play it cool. Stay patient, trust it.

Easy enough when an office chair and a nightstand are the only threats.

A little bit different when you’ve been sacked seven times and JJ Watt has crushed you twice and also forced a fumble. A little bit different when you’re making your second start of the season and third of your four-year career.

A little bit different when you’re trying to help your team snap a five-game losing streak.

Rypien, though, pulled it off Sunday. He stayed patient while Eric Tomlinson blocked for a beat. He trusted he could nonchalantly look away and not get blindsided. After the fake, he popped up and hit the little-used tight end in the back corner of the end zone for the put-away score in Denver’s sigh-of-relief 24-15 win Sunday against Arizona.

“I’ve got to give all the credit to (head coach Nathaniel) Hackett on that one,” Rypien said. “We’ve run that play for a while and we ran it Friday in practice and I kind of came out of it too early, got my head up. He did a great job of coaching me up on that and he was just saying, ‘trust it, trust it, trust it.

“‘Your fake is going to make the play.’”

It did, and it capped a stretch of three touchdowns in four drives for the Broncos in the second half. Combined with Denver’s defensive star power showing out against back-up Cardinals quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Trace McSorely – safety Justin Simmons logged a pair of interceptions and Pat Surtain II added his second in as many weeks – and it was enough.


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