Bride’s dressing requirement concerns guest


Dear Amy: My husband’s sister is getting married in a year.

She is requiring all of the mothers at her wedding to wear a specific color and style of dress.

I am not in the wedding so I assumed that as a wedding guest I would be able to pick out my own appropriate dress; however, I was recently told by my mother-in-law (her mother) that the bride also wanted me and the other two sisters-in-law to wear the same color and style of dress as “the mothers.”

I was quite surprised, since I’ve never heard of a bride requiring people that weren’t in the wedding to buy a specific color and style of dress.

I have seven weddings to attend next year so I was going to buy a couple of new dresses for the year and re-wear them since different groups of people will be at different weddings.

This now requires me to buy a specific type of dress I would not usually buy. I understand this when I’m a bridesmaid, but I have no such role in this wedding. This comes off really controlling to me and has not made me feel great because the way I was informed was strange (my mother-in-law mentioned it to me multiple times over the course of one day).

I got married this past year and did not dictate what any of the in-laws or mothers had to wear to our wedding.

Is this an unusual ask?

— Sorry sister-in-law

Dear Sorry: Keep in mind that anyone can ask anything.

And yes, it does seem that brides (and/or their moms) are increasingly asking/expecting/demanding that their guests must wear a specific color and style of clothing to the wedding — as if their guests are some sort of bridal pep squad.


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