Boneless chicken thighs are the star of these easy dinner recipes


By Eric Kim, The New York Times

For tired home cooks, the boneless, skinless chicken thigh can feel like a dinnertime paragon of protein. There are many reasons to love it: Unlike its more finicky cousin — the boneless, skinless chicken breast — the dark-meat thigh is able to retain its moisture even when blasted with high heat, so it’s difficult to dry out. And without the bone, the cut, sometimes referred to as a “chicken thigh fillet” in England, is easier and quicker to prepare, not to mention more flavorful.

It is, arguably, the best cut of chicken for everyday cooking.

But its popularity is fairly recent, and we might have Gene Gagliardi — the inventor of Steak-umm — to thank for increasing its modern availability at supermarkets in the United States. In the early 1990s, Galiardi sold KFC a patented method for deboning thighs with a machine, resulting in the invention and great commercial success of popcorn chicken, Craig Cavallo wrote on the website Serious Eats.


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