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The crypto market has evolved from only the decentralized way of performing transactions or trades. It has spread its wings far and wide to other aspects, including gaming, entertainment, education, etc., benefitting every user from these sectors.

How Established Crypto Coins Operate With Sandbox And Chiliz

One major sector cryptocurrencies are currently dominating is the gaming industry. Users can participate in several Play-to-earn games and earn a couple of rewards. Sandbox (SAND) is one of the top cryptocurrencies dominated by the gaming space.

Sandbox (SAND) embraces a concept far beyond just decentralization in gaming. It creates an opportunity to build an entire gaming universe, all working on the Ethereum Blockchain. Sandbox (SAND) is a revolutionary ecosystem that combines the exciting features of gaming with voting power and earning capabilities.

However, this revolutionary system only benefits gamers or game developers. This limits the use of Sandbox (SAND) as a system. It also affects holders of the coins as their rights are only limited to game use or game creation. Sandbox (SAND) expands its reach to the gaming industry, but this only concerns a percentage of the users in the crypto space.

Chiliz (CHZ) is another revolutionary cryptocurrency. It spreads to the sports industry as it allows fans and players to connect seamlessly, having rights over decisions made in the club.

Still, under the topic of limitation, Chiliz (CHZ) is only useful for fans of clubs. Unfortunately, not everyone loves, or rather, are die-hard sports fans. This already limits its use. It was also recorded that the selected few, sports fans, failed to adopt this cryptocurrency.

It’s a new era as crypto projects are sipping into new sites; however, older sites should not be forgotten. A new crypto project is about to surface on the market and put a balance to its use.

How Big Eyes Is More Versatile

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is not just a new cryptocurrency surging the market but also a meme coin with a unique concept. We’re all fond, of course, and we’re “doggies,” a cat-themed.

Big Eyes (BIG) also ventures into the world of NFTs, aiming to be at the top. Although it’s not a Play-to-earn platform, it provides a space to acquire exotic NFTs. Big Eyes (BIG) plans to create a rare form of NFT collectables them centring on oceanic life and animals within it. It is set to be one of the Top 10 NFTs in the market.

Setting a big foot on the NFT marketplace does not allow a limit to its use. Big Eyes (BIG) provides a cross-chain transaction among cryptocurrencies. It possesses a DEX swap protocol that makes this possible. As a result, big Eyes (BIG) is very viable for trading and swapping among cryptocurrencies in other blockchains and NFT assets.

Big Eyes (BIG) also aims to be useful to the DeFi ecosystem. The crypto market has recorded a high influx of users who have no prior knowledge of how to trade or anything about the crypto market. This movement was just based on speculation. Big Eyes (BIG) plans to reach this set of people.

Big Eyes (BIG) has an education system to enlighten users on DeFi systems and the necessary elements they need to take hold of. Big Eyes (BIG) aims to not only touch certain areas of the market but live in the form of education and charity.

How To Buy Big On BIG Token

You can join in on Big Eyes 2nd presale by doing the following:

1. Locate its main website at

2. Click or tap on the ‘Buy Now button

3. Ensure you fill in the appropriate amount of information necessary

4. Create a wallet – MetaMask is preferable

5. Fund and connect your wallet with the appropriate amount of BIG tokens you wish to buy

6. Get your tokens once it goes live

To Wrap Things Up…

Big Eyes (BIG) aims for DeFu advancement, impacting all users in the DeFi space. However, many operations are still ongoing to make it a better ecosystem.

For more information on Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and its community, please visit the following links:

The Big Eyes Presale:

The Big Eyes Website:

The Big Eyes Telegram:

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