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It’s not hard to see why crypto betting has become a popular way to wager on sports events and casino gaming. The proliferation of newly launched crypto casinos hasn’t arrived out of nowhere; there has been considerable publicity gained by the sites that went before them, with the improved anonymity, better offers and greater versatility of crypto betting sites a definite selling point. 

It makes sense that there would be some synergy between cryptocurrency and betting. After all, both are ways of speculating with money and backing your own analysis. The factors that lead to movements in crypto markets aren’t so different from the factors that decide a sporting event, or those that govern the way a game of blackjack will ebb and flow. In some cases, they are the self-same factors, so it isn’t hard to see why crypto betting sites have so many fans. But if you are going to join those ranks, how should you make your decision regarding the casino you choose to bet at?

Range of betting markets

The main problem with traditional betting sites is that they are … traditional. It’s fine for them to be that way, too, they have plenty of customers who want just that. But if you are a crypto holder, then it makes sense that you’ll have a more esoteric outlook, and you’ll want that to be reflected in the casinos and betting sites you use. You’ll want more dynamic casino games and broader markets in sportsbooks. Although some traditional bookmakers have markets in eSport, they’re often very limited and only available on bigger events. Crypto betting sites are more focused on markets that a crypto holder might be into, and it improves the betting experience.

Range of coins accepted

Crypto holders have a difficult enough time as it is explaining to skeptics that Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto coin. For the few traditional bookmakers that do accept crypto, customers tend to have to accept that in the eyes of most people, BTC is the only show in town. With crypto-specialist casinos and betting sites, that shouldn’t be the case. And it shouldn’t be a matter of Bitcoin and one or two others, either. Ethereum and Dogecoin are certainly part of the sphere, but they aren’t the only altcoins. When you are able to find and play at Tron casinos, and those for other new altcoins, it is only reasonable to expect that level of choice across a wide range of sites.

Converts your coins to fiat after you deposit

Any experienced crypto investor will know that the value of coins can go down as well as up. Market volatility is something that comes with the territory. But when you’re planning to bet with your crypto coins, you don’t want to place a bet before the dip and then win after it. That’s the definition of winning and losing at the same time. The best crypto casinos convert your coins to fiat cash before you step on to the playing floor. That way, you’re betting with the amount you deposited, not what it was turned into by market turbulence. When you’ve got some winnings to take out, they will then be converted back into the crypto coin you deposited, potentially boosting your profit.

Has some interesting extras

The joy of using crypto casinos is that you’re not restricted to the standard traditional casino experience. You can bet and chat with people of like minds. And you can also be among a community of innovative thinkers. So when it comes to choosing a crypto casino to bet with, bear in mind that you have a wide range of choice, and make sure you don’t just settle for the crypto version of a traditional casino. Some crypto casinos include a casino faucet that allows you to play games to mine new crypto that you can then use to play on the site. Other casinos allow you to write your own code to place bets for you when it’s more advantageous. Some simply have better offers for crypto bettors.

Whatever it is, make sure you’re getting something a little extra from a crypto casino – getting the best from the available technology is what the crypto mindset is all about, after all.


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