Bennet’s IRS funding will wreak havoc on average taxpayers


Re: “Joe O’Dea warns of an IRS shakedown,” Oct. 6 news story

Sen. Michael Bennet wants us to believe that the addition of the funding equivalent of more than 87,000 IRS agents is just the modernizing of the IRS. Really? I doubt he really believes that and as usual, is caught up in the party line.

Anyone with a speck of common sense knows this funding will hire new agents who are going to wreak havoc with the average taxpayers. Sen. Bennet runs lots of commercials, but it’s noticeable that he doesn’t tout his record from being in the Senate. Could it be that in the 13 years he’s been there, he’s accomplished nothing of note except following the party line?

Michael Scanlan, Arvada

What about Griswold’s error?

Re: “County clerks issue midterm warning, ” Oct. 9 news story

The snarky front-page article in Sunday’s Post is even more ridiculous in light of Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s “accidental” mailing to 30,000 people who are not U.S. citizens (printed in English and Spanish), urging them to register to vote.

The hypocrisy of the news media, which has covered up Hunter Biden’s crimes, is disgusting.

Richard C. Savage, Franktown

Work together to preserve historic depot

Re: “It’s a lifetime project,” Oct. 9 news story

Instead of suing Tom Parson to take the historic train depot back, why doesn’t the City of Englewood work out a deal with him to help fund what sounds like a worthy project by a committed citizen which could bring benefits to a struggling community?

Christopher Epting, Englewood

Same old rhetoric from the same old party

It’s frustrating to hear new Republican candidates pop up and espouse the same campaign rhetoric without any accountability directed at their own party.

The war on drugs is about 40 years old. No matter what the strategy, the battle has continued no matter who has been in control of any legislature. The fentanyl crisis is certainly plaguing many red states and counties with no success to be revered.

When Republicans focused on education, they emphatically scapegoated the teachers. They advocated for defunding “failing schools.” And 40 years after President Reagan’s “A Nation at Risk” report is there anything Republican innovation or legislation affecting student achievement they can boast of?

Now their emphasis is crime in the cities. They wouldn’t think of questioning or criticizing policing strategies that might reduce criminal activity, so they scapegoat the Democrats. They ignore the horrible effects of tax evasion, a pervasive crime, with the audacity to criticize funding for significantly greater IRS enforcement capability.

And they now demean the FBI and DOJ for investigating obvious crimes regarding former president Trump and the insurrectionists. The “big lie” doesn’t stop at the 2020 election.

We face serious challenges as a country and a state. Repeating the “big lie” that cutting taxes will solve all economic problems instead of proposing new ideas and legislation tells you who is ready to make a difference. Please vote wisely. It really matters.

Mark Zaitz, Denver


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