Beaver Creek’s newest avalanche dogs in training


Two new puppies have joined the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol team this summer, and are currently in training to become lifesaving avalanche rescuers on the slopes.

The furry additions are 16-week-old Ruby, a black lab from Pierce, Colorado, and 12-week-old Telli, a golden retriever from New Castle.

The puppies have been with their owners and handlers on the job since they arrived a few weeks ago, and are tackling the first steps of a two-year training program that will allow them to become certified for mountain rescues.

Right now, the puppies are learning the same socialization skills and obedience commands that any new pet needs to acquire. This fall, they will take the first of two four-day courses with Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment, the state’s leading training program for rescue dogs, and begin acquiring the skills necessary to pass the C-RAD test and validation standards.

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