Beanie Baby investment worries Grandma


Dear Amy: I am a retired woman living in the Northern U.S.

I find joy in the simple things in life: taking walks around my property and collecting things like Beanie Babies, some of which are rather valuable.

This is where the problem lies.

I have two granddaughters, both in their late teens, who come over from time to time whenever their parents force them.

They eye my collection, and instead of seeing simple collectibles, I am afraid that they just see dollar signs.

When their parents first started making them visit me, they were rather reluctant, having an attitude toward me, shutting themselves in my guest room, and burying themselves in their cellphones.

However, when they finally took note of my Beanie Baby collection, things changed.

Now when they visit, they are far more cheerful, engaging me in pleasant conversation and helping me around the house.

One time, they even brought a friend along to look at my collection.

I would like to believe that they are simply maturing in their characters, but a small part of me is afraid that they are only being nice to get at my collection. Amy, I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but am I being too naive?

— Suspicious Grandma


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