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A lot of new projects appear every day. But have you ever come across such means of earning as Nodes?

Azimuth Finance is a project that provides several different tools for passive income, such as mining, farming and nodes.

Let’s try to figure it out with you.

Network node is an ordinary computer which a certain program is constantly running on.

Each node is connected to other nodes, which makes it possible to come to a consensus – a special mechanism by which information about “correctness” of transactions in the network is checked. In other words, so that the cryptocurrency involved in the transaction is spent only once. There are several types of nodes. But in this case, we are talking about only two of them: Full Node and Lite Node.

All Full Nodes make a dynamic validator set where nodes can be added or removed by a voting mechanism where majority (51%) of validator nodes vote to add/remove certain validators; this helps to remove malicious validators while new trusted validators can be added.

Lite Nodes are responsible to elect a set of Full Nodes to participate in each epoch and those elected set of validators take turns in proposing new blocks. Validated block requires a majority of (2⁄3) must approve the said block. Apart from the elected validator set, there are non-validators who do not participate in block creation but do participate in the block validation process.

The purpose of Lite Nodes is to elect Full Nodes as Validators for the Azimuth Finance chain to produce the block. Lite Nodes functioning as electors during an epoch earn a fee which is a portion of the Azimuth Finance block rewards proportional to their reputation (i.e. higher reputation Lite Nodes receive a higher portion of the fee). Reputation is based on the availability of nodes to participate in election and signing epochs for heart beat checks.

Offline nodes are warned which affect reputation score which leads to that particular node losing access to participate in the process.

What does Azimuth Finance offer?

500 Lite Nodes and 200 Full Nodes are available for purchase with different prices and different daily rewards. Lite node costs 2 BNB and Full node costs 8 BNB.

It is also important to note that only pre-launch participants are able to buy nodes. The team expects all available nodes to be sold by the end of the pre-launch.

For each person in order to count the income they are going to receive from the Node, the

Azimuth Finance team has posted an online calculator on its website. It is intuitive to use, so users should not have any further questions.

The Azimuth Finance team has passed KYC at Novos. As well as three smart contract audits at TechRate, SolidityFinance and SolidProof.

Pre-Launch has already started on the Azimuth Finance platform. You can find all the conditions on their website; links to all the communities of the project are here:


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