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Doing nothing and making money EVERY MINUTE is now real!

One of the most popular and easily accessible ways to earn passive income at the moment is Auto-Staking.

This article will tell you about this way in detail!

The Highest Paying Auto Staking & Auto Compounding DEX Protocol guaranteed Fixed APY 745,080.40%

745,000 fixed APY

AirFi Network provides users with a high-tech decentralized financial asset that allows users to receive a reward in a stable model of a fixed compound interest through the use of a unique Auto-Staking.

AirFi Network Auto-Staking is a new financial protocol with an enhanced security system. It simplifies and increases the efficiency of staking and provides holders of $AFI tokens with a high and stable crypto-profit.

What you need to do to start making money:

 • buy $AFI tokens;

 • keep them in your wallet.

Thus, you will receive a reward in the form of interest payments directly to your wallet in accordance with APY.  All this is possible due to the Buy-Hold-Earn function, which provides holders of $AFI tokens with maximum simplicity and highly efficient use.

AirFi Network has a fixed APY of 745,080.40%. Holders of $AFI tokens receive regular payments of 0.0017% every minute! This is the actual limit for the Binance Smart Chain network that allows the auto-staking system to work smoothly.

AirFi Network is focused on DeFi innovations that create benefits and value for $AFI token holders. The protocol used in the $AFI token provides the owners of $AFI with the following perks:

 •   The highest fixed annual interest rate. AirFi Network pays 745,080.40% during the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, the interest rate decreases during a predetermined period of the long-term interest cycle.

 •   Fast interest payments. AirFi Network pays each holder $AFI rewards every minute, which makes it one of the fastest protocols for automatic interest accrual in cryptocurrency with stable and smooth work.

 •   Interest income with automatic payments. You don’t need to place your tokens over and over. Interest income is paid automatically to your wallet. This way you will never miss the next payment.

 •   Simple and safe placement. You are the sole and rightful owner of your tokens. To receive a reward for staking, you do not need to transfer tokens to third-party centralized platforms. It is enough to buy $AFI tokens and keep them on your personal wallet. Then regular rewards will be automatically credited to your wallet.

 •   Low risk with automatic commission collection mechanism.13% of each purchase and 13% of each sale of $AFI tokens are used to maintain the protocol, as well as regularly pay tokens and nodes holders.

 •   Automatic burning of tokens. One of the most important features of the AirFi Network is the automatic token burning system, which allows you to control the circulating supply of $AFI tokens, as well as maintain the high cost of the $AFI token. Based on this system, 2% of all market sales of $AFI tokens are sent to the bonfire, thus suspending inflation.

Thus, it can be concluded that the AirFi Network is an effective and stable system of staking and rewarding for holders of $AFI. The platform applies a complex set of factors to support the price of its $AFI token and rebase rewards. As a result, AirFi Network Auto-Staking is the most easily accessible and stable way to grow your capital multi-fold!

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